Tasting assembly

Your tasting in your living room

You are not yet sure which one is the right one for you?
You are planning on doing a winetasting with friends at home?
This is exactly what you need!

Not only you get an assortment of our wines, but also interesting facts directly from the winemaker.

Dry temptation

You prefer dry wines.
Then this is your assembly.
Starting with some chosen dry wines you are going on a journey through our assortment with the semi-dry wines as destination.

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Have a sweet tooth?

Hier finden Sie unsere „Süßen“.
Here you find our sweet ones. Beginning with a semi-dry Riesling you taste your way up to the very sweet “Auslese”.

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First impression

You do not know which variety of taste fits you best yet? Or do you like all of them? In this case this bundle is the right choice for you. Discover the world of wine with us.

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