The Kröver Nacktarsch Spätlese is our highest quality variant of the Kröver Nacktarsch. Their grapes come from the steep slate slopes, where the sun and the nutrient-rich soil give them a special taste. Peach aromas typical of Riesling are already inspiring in the bouquet, which is also reflected in the taste. The powerful character of the Spätlese, creamy mouthfeel and perfectly balanced sweetness make the heart of every wine enthusiast beat faster.

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The Kröver Nacktarsch quality wine is the sweet entry-level version of our Moselle wine. With his uncomplicated character, he is the perfect accompaniment for every occasion. It presents itself clearly and structured and inspires with its refreshing sweetness.

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Weingut Gerhard Trossen

2020er Kröver Nacktarsch Riesling

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